Thursday, July 28, 2011

one eye blue :)

white cats are lovely.  i find them really adorable, but even  lovelier are white cats with different eye color.
according to wikipedia, this condition is called heterochromia which is caused by the gene responsible for the cats colors (white, bicolored, or tuxedo) blocking the pigment, which determines the cat's eye color, in one eye during the kitten's development.
i find it interesting that we have seen two of them this year.
here is the stray cat found by the husband at sister-in-law's house
another cat found while vacationing this summer
or make it kuya gave me this. has bicolored eyes too!
meet "mingming"
our fluffy and lovable new pet.
it loves ribbons and cuddles,
playing with its tail and shadow,
sleeping in our old couch,
and strolling in our garden.
this cute one is staying with us for sure.


linniew said...

Cats are magic. And those remarkable eyes-- your life will never be the same Angel!

ANGEL said...

yes indeed. thanks for stopping by linniew. happy gardening!


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