Monday, August 15, 2011

august blooms for GBBD

i almost forgot it's the15th.
we've been busy this weekend repainting our windows.
here's what blooming in my garden now

my roses :) 
i have been putting banana peels beside my rose plants
as well as coffee grounds.
they seemed to love it, giving me wonderful blooms this time of the year.
i have also planted garlic beside them.
no aphids or other pests.


other blooms
orange celosia
white flowers
dona aurora
tiny sunflower
candle flower
blue daze
bleeding heart vine
pink aster
come and share your garden blooms at MAY DREAMS GARDENS
have a happy august!


Sunray Gardens said...

Lots of very pretty blooms you have right now.
Cher Sunray Gardens

The Sage Butterfly said...

When I first arrived here, I thought I was in rose heaven. Those roses are healthy and vibrant. Happy GBBD!

Christine @ the Gardening Blog said...

Your blooms are ALL lovely - the roses and hydrangeas are gorgeous but I simply LOVE the little "blue daze".
Happy GBBD :)

bakingbarb said...

Stunning roses you have, of course your other flowers are beautiful too. My Grandma had gorgeous roses but I am not a good rose gardener, I appreciate yours instead!

Birdwoman said...

Wow! What beautiful blooms you have this Bloom Day. Your roses are amazing.

The Ebullient Gardener said...

What beautiful pictures! Your roses are stunning! Happy Gardening! Mindy

ANGEL said...

thanks sunray!

love your comment sage butterfly. thank you!

hi christine! i love your camellias too. you have a beautiful garden.

thank you birdwoman!

mindy, i appreciate you stopping by. thanks my friend!

thanks everyone! i appreciate your comments! HAPPY GBBD!


Anonymous said...

this is a pretty much pretty photos of flowers; it made me feel nostalgic on my roses-collecting days.

ANGEL said...

thank you mama nene! ) happy gardening!


PlantPostings said...

Beautiful Roses! And thanks for the tips about the Banana peels, Coffee grounds, and Garlic!

ANGEL said...

thanks plantpostings!happy GBBD!


Bom said...

Lovely flowers, the roses especially. Happy GBBD, Angel! Or flip? ;-P

ANGEL said...

thanks bom.
just call me angel. ;P
happy GBBD!


Kingdom said...

Naks! another tip that I can use for my roses...banana peels. :) Do I crush it first or just place it directly on the medium? thanks!

ANGEL said...

kingdom! haven't heard from you for like two weeks? busy ka? where are the pictures na?

regarding banana peels, i just cut them into smaller pieces, or if i'm lazy, which is usually the case, i pop them on a blender then bury them near my rose plants roots. happy gardening!


Kingdom said...

Hi Angel. Yup, quite busy...but not when I'm in my garden. haha! I'll try your second option, because I am lazy most of the time. hehehe. Thanks!

ANGEL said...

good luck with your garden my friend. send me the pictures when you're done na ha. :) keep in touch!


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