Friday, August 19, 2011

fertilizer friday & weekend flowers on friday: crazy weather

we've been having the craziest weather these past few days.
warm and sunny in the morning then heavy rains in the evening.
i hate it!
first:  my sunflower seedlings are all gone, eaten by those tiny snails.
second:  mosquitoes! lots of them!
third:  having to go outside late in the evening soaking wet
just to save my lavender and rosemary plants and
to look for my missing kitty only to find out she was locked up in mom's bedroom (lol!)
good thing, my blooms are not giving up on me, always cheering me up.

here are my pinks
pink rose
my favorite!
darker pink rose
mini pink rose
tiny raindrops on my rose's petals
another mini pink rose
first bloom of my four o'clocks
pink petunia
my newly acquired mum

and the yellows, the sunshines in my garden
another new addition to my garden, yellow mums
japanese iris from mom's garden
yellow mini rose
tiny sunflower

hope tomorrow's weather will be better.
i need to get cuttings for my forum friends :) 
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Kristin said...

Lovely rose, one of my favorite plants of all time. Thanks for sharing your garden. Reminded me to grow four o'clocks again.

Tina said...

Welcome to Weekendflowers! :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us! LG Tina

Lona said...

Your pinks and yellow blooms are so beautiful. I adore your pink roses. The yellow mums look so cheery.Beautiful pictures.

ANGEL said...

hi kristin! thanks! four o'clocks are easy to grow :) good luck with 'em.

thanks tina!my pleasure. thanks for hosting! :)

hi lona! thanks for visiting. happy gardening!

enjoy the weekend everyone!


Pieces of Sunshine said...

You have some beautiful pink flowers here.

ANGEL said...

thanks pieces of sunshine! :)


bakingbarb said...

Your roses are stunning, I need to learn to grow roses (mine aren't stunning most of the time). The dark pink is a stunner.

ANGEL said...

thanks bakingbarb! they're pretty easy to grow. here's what i do, just dehead, put coffee grounds and banana peels, and plant garlic near each plant. when i see black spots, i just remove the leaves. i never never let them touch the ground near my roses. and no chemical ferts whatsoever. happy gardening! good luck with your roses!


LauraX said...

Such sweet, fresh and tender blossoms. They are all so lovely.

ANGEL said...

thanks laurax! happy gardening!

Karin M. said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 1.Platz bei WeekendFlowers.....wunderschöne Blüten...
LG: Karin

Beertje Zonn said...

Lovely photos!

Beertje Zonn

ANGEL said...

wow! thanks karin. it was very much appreciated.

thanks beertje zonn. have a great day!


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