Tuesday, August 9, 2011

oh so corny!

it was another lazy and spontaneous sunday.
after looking for spiderwebs,
taking photos of bugs and butterflies,
going to my lola (grandmother - mom's aunt) to get some rain lilies,
playing with the nephews with those leaves and weeds that you can stick on shirts,
and just killing time resting on the hammock,
we were hungry.
good thing, my kuya told us that the corn he had planted is ready for harvest.
we ran straight to the cornfield!
he planted the corn for our family's consumption.
corn overload!
 my nephews playing in the cornfield while harvesting corn.
these are perfect for picking.
we  harvested two baskets of corn.
what to do with them???
since we had inihaw (grilled pork) for lunch and had lots of wood,
we grilled the corn!
since the corn was so fresh, it tasted sweet and yummy.
no need for butter or salt.
our stomachs we're full after eating these.
we'll definitely be harvesting corn again next week for merienda :)


Trainer John said...

There is nothing sweeter than fresh picked corn. I grow it on my allotment here in England - though we only get a month's harvest in September. But it freezes well and still tastes as delicious through the winter.

ANGEL said...

hi trainer john! glad to here from you. thanks for stopping by. happy gardening my friend!

bakingbarb said...

What a wonderful day you had. Ah the beautiful corn!

debsgarden said...

It doesn't matter where in the world you live, nothing is tastier than freshly picked corn, grilled to perfection! My favorite! Your cornfield is wonderful!

ANGEL said...

hi bakingbarb! wonderful indeed! :) happy gardening!


ANGEL said...

thanks for the visit debsgarden! enjoy your day my friend!

Solitude Rising said...

Your post made me hungry and crave for grilled corn. I miss the taste of grilled corn :(

ANGEL said...

oh well! when it's corn season and you're available, you can come over here any time solitude we'll pick and grill corn. happy gardening my friend!


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