Thursday, September 1, 2011

going bananas

i was surprised this morning when the husband brought these bananas from our backyard.
the last time i checked, they were still very thin and green.
but today, the husband harvested these plump, unripe but mature bananas.
this banana variety is called "saba."
a variety which originated from the philippines.
it is a much more shorter version of the usual banana, much more plump, and the peels are much much thicker.
this banana mainly used for cooking such as turon (banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper),
banana cue (sugar-coated fried bananas in a stick),
nilupak (mashed bananas), saging con yelo (sweet plantain with crushed ice),
or ginataang saging (bananas cooked in coconut milk).though usually used for cooking,
this banana gives more potassium when eaten raw.
it has a much more starchy, a bit sour, and a bit sweet taste than the other types of bananas.
the husband harvested more than 10 clusters of these bananas
with one cluster having an average of 20 bananas!
that is too many for us to consume!
we only kept 3 of them for our favorite turon with langka (jackfruit)
and the rest were sold to our neighbors for 1php each.
these bananas will ripen in about 2 to 3 days, much quicker if kept in a sack.
these bananas will be our merienda for the next few days together with our calamansi juice.
free merienda fresh from our trees and we've got some money from selling them too.
happy thursday everyone!


Sunray Gardens said...

Such a plus to get something for yourself and also make some money.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Kingdom said...

Wow! so many bananas! I love banana-cues...and the Ice Banana!

ANGEL said...

thanks for stopping by sunray.have a great day!

kingdom is that ice cream? love your posts. happy gardening!

Bom said...

Great harvest, Angel!

GirlSprout said...

Your photos of the banana harvest are so pretty. Almost like inside a nautilus shell.

ANGEL said...

thanks bom and girlsprout!
happy gardening!

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