Thursday, September 8, 2011

i bottled the sun!

we have this voluntary siling labuyo (capsicum frutescens) plant
beside our calamansi tree now measuring over 3 feet in height  having lots and lots
of small fruits this time of the year.
my nephew and i decided to harvest these chilis last sunday
and picked about 5 cups of chilis!
 we brought them home and the husband was so curious
what the heck am i going to do with this amount of chilis.
(he doesn't like spicy food!)

i decided to make some garlic chili oil used as a condiment
for my favorite dumplings and siomai.

i washed the chilis and carefully removed the green stems.
 i minced a half a handful of garlic,
heat up a bottle of vegetable oil,
 added the chilis, the garlic, a teaspoon of salt, and a teaspoon of sugar.
 i brought the oil into a boil while mashing the chilis.
i also boiled some water in a separate pot to sterilize my jars.
after bringing the oil into a boil, i placed the mixture into the jars.
(warning:  the smell of the boiling chili oil is really awful, had us sneezing for a while.
note to self: wear glasses and a mask next time.)
my finished product! :)
i gave the other jar of chili oil to my cousin's husband who is also a fan of spicy food.
a small quantity of this mixture is enough to spice up your foods.
super duper spicy!


HolleyGarden said...

I like a little spice! And how very pretty the filled jar are! You could just set them out for display.

ANGEL said...

thanks holley! i love spice too but this one's super hot so it will probably last longer since i'm the only one at home who loves spicy foods.

Solitude Rising said...

I'm sure those who love spicy food would really appreciate your recipe for the garlic chili oil condiment. While reading your post all I can think of was the labuyo leaves for Tinolang Manok :)

ANGEL said...

i love tinolang manok, especially native chicken! yummy! perfect for the rainy days.

Kingdom said...

Wow! I will do what you have just shared about making chilli oil. My mothers loves chilli oil specially when she eats siomais and dumplings! Thanks angel! :)

ANGEL said...

you're welcome james :)

Bom said...

I love spicy food so your chili sauce made from scratch looks yummy!

Tinola or binakol. Mmm!

ANGEL said...

hehehe. thanks bom :)
happy gardening

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