Saturday, October 15, 2011

it's been awhile

i've been busy for the last few weeks that i completely neglected this blog and my garden.
storms have passed our country and there were a few casualties in the garden.
had a great weekend with the in-laws and went to MSBF (Manila Seedling Bank Foundation) and  Mahogany Market in Tagaytay.
i bought some herbs, different colors of dahlias, and some vines! i'm so excited in posting them right now, but because my laptop won't read my memory card, these pictures were taken by my cellphone cam.
sage, purple basil, and lavender
java and chocolate mints and marjoram
red salvia
nong nooch vine/yellow garland/golden garland
pink and blue torenia
pink impatiens
pink dahlia
orange dahlia
white dahlia
red dahlia
i forgot to take a picture of the jade vine.
all of these pictures were taken at our laundry room, it was still rainy outside when they arrived.hehehe.
i plan to do somme gardening this weekend (now that we have better weather! yay!), move things around, and try to get a new card reader for me to be able to post better pictures of my plants.
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have a great weekend everyone!
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