Tuesday, July 12, 2011

at last!

i was really glad when i woke up this morning.
there was cool breeze in the air with little rain showers but i can tell it will definitely be a sunny day (i hope) with the sun's rays peeking behind the clouds after days of rain-little sun-rain-little sun-rain.
i stepped out of the house into the garden and saw these beauties
my passion flower vine
 raindrops this morning
 kissing this pink rose
okra flower
 bleeding heart vine flowers dangling
 yellow bloom basking in the morning sun
 crape myrtle greeting me with all smiles
 blue daze enjoying the weather
 fragrant gardenia
violet petunia saying hello to sunshine
the roses really missed the sun.

after strolling for a while, i excitedly went back inside the house, grabbed my seed packets and planned on which seeds i will grow.
so many options so little time.
 i'm going to take advantage of this little bit of sunshine before it rains again.

i decided to plant zinnias, cosmos, daisies, calendula, impatiens, and pansies.
i haven't tried growing impatiens and pansies before, i hope they will germinate.
i followed some tips here which i found very useful.
four trays in two baskets :)
HAPPY gardening indeed!


GirlSprout said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your photo of the okra flower. What do you cook with okra?

angel said...

thanks..i appreciate it.

we usually put okra in "pinakbet" a dish with shrimp/fish paste and pork.

here's a link of the recipe


or other vegetable dishes like "sinabawang gulay (boiled vegetables)" and ginataang gulay (vegetables in coconut milk).

have a nice day girlsprout! :)

Christine @ the Gardening Blog said...

Lovely flowers and photos!
Good luck with the seeds - I hope you will show us photos when they germinate. :)

angel said...

i will...thanks for stopping by christine! :)

Sunray Gardening said...

Lovely flowers you have going on. Some great choices. I am your new follower. Love for you to come by and follow.
Cher Sunray Gardens

angel said...

thanks sunray! that's so sweet of you. thanks for visiting and following my blog.

Patricia Tryon said...

I don't understand how okra can have such beautiful flowers when I, ahem, somewhat dislike the fruit ;)

Trainer John said...

Some lovely shots. Thanks for putting them up. Thanks also for visiting my blog. Even though you garden in a very different climate to mine there are still plants we have in common.

angel said...

thanks for stopping by john! :)

you have such a beautiful garden.

happy gardening!

angel said...

@ patricia...i don't eat okra too but their flowers are so beautiful. some people love eating okra, i don't get it. it's so slushy.hehehe!

HolleyGarden said...

You must be tired of the rain, but it looks like your flowers have loved it! They are all beautiful, even though they're wet! Isn't gardening exciting!

angel said...

@ holleygarden

yes indeed..thanks for stopping by. i followed your blog. pretty lotus flowers you have there. happy gardening!

Cathy and Steve said...

The blooms in your garden are totally gorgeous! Good luck with your seeds!! I've got zinnias blooming now and they are so pretty.. you will certainly enjoy them!

angel said...

hi cathy and steve! thank you so much for your compliment. nice to know you have zinnias too. have a great day!

p3chandan said...

Lovely blooms. Happy gardening!

greenapplesgarden.com said...

You have may seeds to look forward to becoming blooms. May your garden bloom with abandon. It looks like you are already on the way with so many images of pretty flowers.

angel said...

thanks for dropping by p3chandan! happy gardening!

angel said...

@ greenapplesgarden...thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your sweet comment. enjoy your day.


Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

Lovely flowers.you should link to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th at May Dreams Gardens.

angel said...

hi carolyn! i already did. thanks for the invite :) happy gardening.


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