Monday, July 11, 2011

rainy day

what to do on a rainy day?

luckily, yesterday was a bit sunny and my sunflower heads were dry.
i cut them and hung them to keep them dry.
today, as it is rainy and i've got nothing to do inside the house,
i grabbed my sunflowers and started picking the seeds from the head.

they were not really dry but mature enough to harvest.  i cut them early because were itchy worms already lurking on their leaves. those nasty worms trying to sneak into eating these sunflower seeds for the chickens...BAD!

petals gone
pretty sunflower

bald head
i got two handfuls of these seeds
fat seeds that is
for the husband's chickens and fighting cocks
i wish tomorrow will be a sunny day


The Sage Butterfly said...

The sunflower does not look the same without the seeds, but still looks pretty. Nice photos! Welcome to Blotanical!

Solitude Rising said...

Lucky chickens, they get to eat a yummy treat. At first I thought the seeds are for your consumption...LOL

angel said...

@ sage butterfly...thanks for visiting my blog. yep, you're right it doesn't look the same when they are bald. hehehe..have a nice day!

angel said...

@ solutide...lucky indeed! they ate them all already. i only eat sunflower seeds from the supermarket because i don't know how to cook it (do they cook it or you can eat them raw?). the brand's called "TONG GARDEN" a product (coated sunflower) from thailand. it's yummy. if you know our EXPO (coated peanuts), it's similar to that.

Bridget said...

It will be a long time before my Sunflowers produce flowers.

angel said...

it was my first time to plant sunflowers. as far as i can recall, i planted them in late february. just planted them, gave them very little water especially this rainy season and that's what i got :) i hope your sunflowers will give you lots of seeds. have a great day!

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