Sunday, July 10, 2011

a trip to the nursery

one lazy sunday, i had this spur-of-the-moment moment and asked the husband and mom to go to the nearest nursery i saw when we last went to tagaytay.
i was then desperately in search of "garlic vine" to the point that i was scanning every garden that i can see while we were on the trip, and luckily, i found this nursery which had this beautiful arbor full of garlic blooms, i said, "one day, i'll visit that place" and that day apparently was this lazy sunday.

we went to the place together with my mom, husband, and cousin, kobi, hoping to buy some plantings of garlic vine.
arriving at the place, i was in awe (as usual) seeing all those plants and flowers (i have this habit of wanting to stay at a place when i find something "interesting" which synonymously means "plants and flowers").
but.nobody was there.  it was 3 in the afternoon and no one was watching over this garden full of plants.  my mom and husband searched the whole garden, while i, still amazed at the flowers, wandered around, and did not bother to look for the person in charge.
i just told them, "maybe they're having their siesta (afternoon nap)."

i was right..the lady in charge of the place went out of this house beside the nursery still half asleep.  good thing she wasn't mad for disturbing her siesta.  i asked her if they had the garlic vine i saw, but she said there was no available plant at the moment. sad and disappointed, i went on to pick plants which i find nice... i bought two plumbago plants and one rangoon creeper.  i was specifically looking for a vine and she said that there's none available, desperate, i asked if she could give me cuttings then, i will pay for them..then she brought me that rangoon creeper plant she was keeping and not ready to sell and gave it to me for 50php ($1). 

i was the one who planning to buy plants but it ended up mom having bought more than what i did.
she bought one variegated rosal (gardenia), two bushes i don't know what the name of, and one orange vine (that the woman was also keeping) i also don't know the name.

the lady was nice and gave us free plants!  she gave me the pink torenia and my mom, two plants.
i think it was a very good bargain, her prices were cheap and we promised the lady that we will visit the nursery again some time.

she allowed me to take pictures of the flowers in the nursery plus she gave me cuttings of the garlic vine from their arbor..woohoo!
here are some of the plants from our adventure that day.  sorry, i forgot to take shots of the plants we bought.
crape myrtle
 nice caladium variety
 the plant with the pink flower was like the one mom got from the lady for free
 plants for your terrarium
 nice red flower (update: new guinea vine)..reminds me of a jade vine
 and more plants
canna and  mandevilla (?)
 yellow mandevilla (?)
 i like this canna
 red kalachuchi (?)
 i don't know the name of this one but i usually see them at plazas
 love that coleus
 looks like a dwarf version of a wild plant here we locally call "kampupot"
some orchids

also, the lady told us the nursery was owned by a doctor who loves plants and all those plants we see in the nursery started from her collection.  inspired, we went home happy..stopped at a store and ate merienda then drove home with our stomachs full, our pickup truck full of plants, my heart full of happiness and inspiration, and our pockets empty..heehee. til our next spur-of-the moment trip :)


Solitude Rising said...

The plant with the pink flower is called 'Medinilla', the best (at least for me) is the genus magnifica.

What garden store did you go to? I've been looking for a Red kalachuchi for some time now. They don't have it in any of the stores in Guiguinto.

angel said...

hi solitude! thanks. i forgot to ask the lady the names of the flowers. it's located here also in batangas, near the municipality of lemery.

according to a forum, there are many choices of flowers in MSBF and centris (i suppose you're nearer there) in edsa corner quezon avenue. you should visit there some time. i'd love to go there too but it's a two-hour trip from here.

Solitude Rising said...

I've been to the seedling bank several times and I've never noticed the red plumeria being sold. I guess I should have asked.

Yes there are so many choices of flowers there but when I usually go there I already have the plant to buy in mind that everything else is ignored. That's me with a tunnel vision...LOL

angel said...

i'd love to go there. i have never been there. i wish i had the time. it's a two-hour drive from my place. oh, you have such strong will to ignore other plants. if i were there, i probably would not want to leave or i'd buy lots and lots of plants until my pockets are empty. hahaha!

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