Saturday, July 9, 2011

new garden edging

two sundays ago, i've been busy in our small "farm" cutting these little babies for my garden plot edging.
i'm proud that i made these by myself (^__^)

okay i lied..heehee.. i had a little help from the husband.  i had to because i got two blisters on my hand from hammering these babies..aww!), but still i did more than half of the cutting of these small branches, painting them with chemical (to prevent rot and termites), and hammering them in place.
these are scrap wood by the way from the mahogany tree cut down in our small "farm"
my not-so-perfect edging
i did this side...a bit shabby.
and he did that row!
i also bought stones which i originally planned to put at the edge of the plots but then i'm a girl,
i'm "allowed" to change my mind.
i think it matches the stones on our shishi odoshi
...and placed them right beside my rose pots
 ...much better :)

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