Friday, July 8, 2011

camera frenzy

took these pictures yesterday afternoon while the rain is pouring.
kindly excuse the poor lighting and some blurred shots, it's hard to take pictures while holding an umbrella on one hand and a camera on the other you know...heehee
it's early july and my flowers are still in bloom.
thank god they survived the heavy rains these past few days.
i'm so happy :)
 zanzibar gem commonly known as welcome plant
 my white hydrangea fading, turning to powder blue
 purple hydrangea
raindrops kissing this mini yellow rose
jasmine/sampaguita buds
 pink torenia
 pink petunia
 light pink mini rose
 the new apple of my eye in the garden
yellow mini rose with orange outline
 orange mini rose
i don't know the name of this one.
the seller said this is the local rosal/gardenia but it has no smell at all
 double petal zinnia
 polynesian pink zinnia (according to yates)
 mint basil flowers..their smell is lovely by the way
the seller calls this one angel's, i'm not sure though
yellow orange zinnia from the same yates pack as the polynesian pink
my teddy in the hammock saying, "HAPPY GARDENING!"


Solitude Rising said...

Beautiful flowers cannot hide behind blurry pictures. Congratulations, your garden is in full bloom.

angel said...

thanks solitude! have a great day! :)

Christine @ the Gardening Blog said...

I love the zanzibar gem - very nice looking plant and your hydrangeas are lovely!

angel said...

thanks christine! i wish you were near my home so i can give you zanzibar gem. my mom got lots of them. they're really nice. you should have one in your home, they say it's a lucky charm for wealth. i don't know if it's true, either way, you should have one. they'll be a good indoor plant. they don't need much attention. they're very low maintenance. happy gardening!

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