Friday, July 22, 2011

it's finished!

mom has been complaining and whining about not being able
to plant decent ornamental plants and vegetables.
she even has lots of seeds she cannot plant because of our free-roaming feathered-friends
eating anything they can get a hold of.
so, with my kuya to the rescue, he decided to make a separate space for them
where they can still do their thing while mom (and i) can enjoy gardening.

after a week, the turkey/chicken coop is finally finished!
it is made of bamboo, fishing net, coconut leaves for the roof,
and scrap mahogany tree skin for the fence.
it is pretty large occupying almost half of the back part of our lot.
it is divided in two spaces, this side is the covered area.
the nasty turkeys go on this side, the fenced and netted area.
we only got a few trees inside and pineapples here
so they can munch all those grasses and spiky plants to their heart's content!
the chickens will go here
a space for them to roam
nests inside those bamboo "rooms" to lays eggs and sleep
here's the roof for protection against harsh weather
some of our bunnies
we let them out to join the fun and party with our turkeys,
too bad, those notorious turkeys were afraid of these fluffy cuddly creatures.
here is  my nephew, "papo" enjoying his siesta
and the husband resting under the narra tree.
here's mom and jacob sharing the new hammock we put up.
 and what about me?? no hammock for sad..
but i've got this nice straw hat..hmmm..i look like a farm girl wearing this hat.
weekend farm girl i would say :)
and guess what? we're all inside the turkeys' new house, who's trespassing now? hahaha!


Sunray Gardens said...

Hey that's a very nice setup.
Cher Sunray Gardens

angel said...

thank you sunray! :)

Mario said...

Looks good Angel! The hammock looks relaxing- you deserve siesta too.

angel said...

thanks mario!

yea, tired gardeners deserve a siesta too, right? i'll bring my own hammock next week :)


The Ebullient Gardener said...

Angel - That is a very nice set up! The bamboo nesting area is very nice! That should work very well for your family! The bunnies are so cute as well! I hope to get some bunnies soon as well! Happy Gardening! Mindy

ANGEL said...

thanks mindy! you should get some bunnies too. they are adorable and very entertaining to watch. i also read their poop is good for the garden too. i plan to try them on my plants. will let you know. i am so glad to meet you. thanks for following. i truly appreciate it. have a nice day!


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