Monday, July 25, 2011


 while watering my plants this afternoon,
i totally forgot that these nasty insects were building their home in our palm tree.
i carelessly sprayed the leaves and in a blink of an eye, one of them stung me then flew back to their nest.
i felt sudden pain as if pricked by a needle then felt my skin burning.
i immediately checked the skin and it had a tiny red dot with a skin wheal around it.
i went inside the house, sat in front of the computer, and searched for first aid treatment for this.
the pain was sharp and my skin was hot and throbbing...i was kind of worried.
who would think such small creatures could hurt someone as big as me?
good thing i found this by searching "ïnsect sting first aid" and followed the instructions written on the website.
i'm still wondering though what kind of insect it is.
i found them the other day and told the husband to just let them build their nest there because they seem harmless, but boy i was wrong.
(maybe they were just protecting their little ones and i disturbed them.)
now i am contemplating on moving their nest, but how?
i don't want to destroy them but i don't want any stings from these little bad guys either :(


HolleyGarden said...

Meat tenderizer is supposed to be good for a sting. It does something chemically, I think. I hope you're feeling better now and it's not still hurting. Some people are extremely allergic. I hate wasp nests if they're close to the house. Not sure if yours are wasps, yellow jackets or hornets, but they all act aggressively and will sting randomly. Best to get rid of them.

angel said...

thanks for the concern holley. i'm doing well now. thanks to your advice :)

bear hugs,


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