Sunday, July 31, 2011


out of boredom,  this is what i did this morning.
i stacked these stones
 it find it calming and relaxing plus it was something that kept my mind occupied.

it is said that stones were first stacked by trail guides
where in the native americans left them as signs for finding food.
also, the stack of stones made by hobi indians and eskimos is a sign of protective entity which resembles humans.
moreover, it is also known to help protect and ward off bad spirits.

however, stone stacking in temples in asia has a different meaning.
it is believed to be a form of worshipping, but used mainly as a form of wishing for good fortune given by the stacker with which each stone is representing one specific wish or specific family member.
so, here's to warding off bad comments and wishing that you enjoy this post.


Anonymous said...

i like that. I love the rock statue as well!

to answer your question, raspberries are kind of like blackberries, but much more tart? i guess. i wish you could try one, they are fantastic!

The Ebullient Gardener said...

I like your rock stacking! It would allow you to focus your mind on just that and allow you to clear your mind! Happy Gardening!

ANGEL said...

i'd definitely be trying them. haven't tried blackberries too. oh well.. have a nice day!


ANGEL said...

thanks for stopping by mindy! happy gardening my friend!


Crafty Gardener said...

I love stacking stones too.

GirlSprout said...

Sometimes, I do a lot of hiking and I'll see a cairn or two along the way. It's great when someone takes the time to mark the path. Great idea for incorporating in the garden!

ANGEL said...

hi crafty gardener! thanks for stopping by :)

ANGEL said...

thank you girlsprout! happy gardening!


Christine @ the Gardening Blog said...

Angel, this is really lovely!! Do you mind if I copy this idea? I have a space this would work so well!

ANGEL said...

i don't mind at all christine. go ahead :) i'd love to see it when it's finished. thank you!


Daricia said...

angel, i woke up to a stone stack in my garden one morning! eventually i found out it was my son's friend who had done it. i thought he was just playing around, but he has spent some time in a monastery (and in asia) so maybe it was more intentional. i loved it, whatever it meant, but one day my dog accidentally knocked it down. i think they are pretty and peaceful looking.

ANGEL said...

sweet kid. i am sure his intentions were good. :) yes, they are very calming. thanks for stopping by.


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