Monday, August 1, 2011

diy plant cloche

it's been raining for several days now due to typhoons visiting the country
and there is nothing gardeners like me can do but patiently wait,
check my garden from the window, wait, check my garden with an umbrella in hand,
and wait some more...
and then hope and pray that my plants will be okay.

thank god, today the rain has stopped.
the sun has stretched its rays pushing those dark clouds blocking it.
so i grabbed my garden tools and went straight ahead to the garden.
good thing my plants are fine.

i transplanted a few of my zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos to the ground.
worried that it will rain again sometime soon as we are expecting another typhoon,
the stubbornness in me knew i need a precautionary measure for my little plants.

I have seen this before in other websites and video tutorials so i went ahead and tried it.
I used plastic water bottles, cut it in the middle pressed the open side gently against the ground
and used them to cover my little babies.
not only will it protect them from the rain but also keep them safe from small leaf-munching insects.
now, i’m one happy optimistic mommy.


The Ebullient Gardener said...

Angel, Sorry to hear about the rain you have been getting! What a good idea you have to protect your little plants! I think it will work great! Thanks for sharing the great idea!
Happy Gardening! Mindy

ANGEL said...

thanks mindy! happy gardening!


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