Thursday, July 14, 2011

sunday farmday: part one - super late post

every sunday, we go to our "farm" house.
it's a family tradition that we visit the farm, clean up, and maintain the place.
here are some of the pictures this weekend.
these are mom's "rambutan (tico berry)" trees.
unripe tico berries
 some of which fell on the ground due to rains last week.
mom's ornamental chilis i gave her.
jacobinia/pink flamingo flower mom got from one of our trips to quezon.
papaya flowers
and unripe papaya fruits.  the ripe ones are our turkeys' favorite.
atis/custard apple/sugar apple which has white soft flesh with big black seeds inside.
white flowers
mom's oregano growing wild.  this is about a year old.
yellow lily japanese iris
eggplant flower
guava, rich in vitamin C
 cacao fruit..this is where chocolates come from
cacao tree husband's favorite fruit.  he's been keeping an eye on these fruits.
we've harvested over 10 jackfruits this season.
my husband wrapped them up inside rice sacks to keep the insects away.
queen's crape myrtle
my favorite flower in our "farm."
it only blooms once or twice a year, but it's worth the wait.
philippine lemon/calamansi
perfect for marinades, dips, and sauces.
this variety is the one we use to make banana cues
(banana fritters with sugar skewered on a stick) and "turon"(banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper)with.
guyabano and red ants
guyabano is also rich in vitamin C.
it is also called soursop fruit.
red chilis
a favorite of birds called "pakiskis," an agressive bird eating these chilis, small birds, and large insects.
green chilis
a staple for "sinigang (a sour-based soup consisting of meat or seafood and vegetables), perfect for rainy days."
pink zinnia
our national flower
 yellow alamanda (?)
i will be posting some of our trees and farm animals on my next post.  stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! you have a tropical fruit farm! Lucky Duck.

Gardens at Waters East said...

Angel, Must be a nice "farm" that you are able to go to on the weekends. Good to get away and be in nature like that. It is so different here on Lake Michigan at Gardens at Waters East. Interesting for me to visit the different gardens around the world. See you again. Jack

angel said...

hi amy..thanks for visiting..the fruits are still unripe though..we still have to wait. :)

angel said...

hello jack! thanks for stopping by. it's actually a very small farm, but i always always enjoy going there every weekend. happy gardening!

Christine @ the Gardening Blog said...

Wow! I love your Sampaguita jasmine (your national flower). It's fascinating to me how different the plants are in different parts of the world. I'm so glad I "found" your blog Angel - its very different and interesting for me.

angel said...

hello christine. thanks for visiting me. i too have always been fascinated by the plants on your side of the world, how plants "sleeps" during the winter but then give their best show with rainbow colors of flowers blooming profusely during the spring and summer. they are the loveliest. have a great day!


Solitude Rising said...

Different fruit trees and blooms. This is what the garden of Eden must have been. Now this made me miss our farm...LOL

angel said...

thanks solitude. this is just a small piece of land compared to yours, but my father must have wanted all kinds of trees, so there you go, a man-made forest. LOL!

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