Friday, July 15, 2011

sunday farmday: part two - super late post

warning:  this post is full of ready?
this is the view from our entrance gate with the fragrant champaca on the left side, golden coconut tree at the center and other trees in our "farm."
our pomelo tree
young tico berry tree
one of our mango trees
banana trees
banana leaves are used to wrap fish and other sweet delicacies like "suman."
overlapping branches of different trees (mango, rambutan, and sampaloc).
fence at the back of our farm overlooking our godfather's sugar cane plantation.
for our chicken/turkey coop being made by my "kuya."
malunggay tree
termite hill
 this is the narra tree.
 it is our national tree.
we will be putting a hammock here next sunday.
i wish it will be sunny that day.
 these are two of our rabbits.  this one's "twinkle"
 and this is "troy."
these are our turkeys
 mahogany branches that will be used as firewood.
 mahogany lumber
that will be made into furniture. :)
a view outside our lot.  this is our godfather's lot.
 this is the view at the back of our lot, an open field behind our godfather's sugar cane plantation.
green pasture for cows and goats.
the view of mt. maculot at our terrace.
our neighbor's cow
 lantana on the side of the road outside our lot
 free roaming chickens
and goat feeding on grass
 neighbor's geese
 after our hearty lunch, we went to visit a neighbor,
but he was not home so we just enjoyed the view on our way back.  we saw wild plants
like this one.
here's a nearby creek
elephant's ear and bamboo.  did you know that bamboos are grass?
 sugar cane
i don't know the name of this plant but took some home.
i will be planting them beside our shishi odoshi.

it was a happy day feeding animals and being with the family.
nothing beats spending quality time with the ones you love.
i hope you enjoyed the tour of our little "farm."
can't wait for the next sunday :)


Digital Flower Pictures said...

That is quite a farm. Thanks for the tour

angel said...

my pleasure..thanks for stopping by! :)


Solitude Rising said...

Thanks for sharing images of your farm. Very green indeed.

You brought home an Umbrella papyrus. It does love water so it would do well around your deer scarer.

angel said...

thank you solitude for the ID.have a nice day!

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