Monday, July 18, 2011

we've got a new baby!

as usual, we were on the farm this sunday, and finally we got to see the newest addition to our family.
this cutest grass-munching machine!
he is now three weeks old.

his mom is our wedding gift (yes, you read it right, WEDDING GIFT) two years ago and is being taken care of by a neighbor.  we call this system "paalaga," where when the cow will be sold, the owner, in this case, us, and the care taker, our neighbor, will share profits equally.

we are so glad that both mommy cow and "milky" are doing well.
momma cow all smiles here with her curious little bundle of joy.
they look so healthy.
this is the first time we have seen baby milky and his mom because they are always in the fields eating grass (even when we go to the fields, we cannot determine which is which because there are so many of them there).
here is baby milky with his foster dad (our godfather's cow also being taken care of by our neighbor).
meet the cutest baby in our farm.
see the spot on his forehead.. i love it! so cute!
and i love love his eyelashes too.


Sunray Gardens said...

How adorable the baby is!
Cher Sunray Gardens

angel said...

thank you sunray! :)

Solitude Rising said...

Cute little baby cow. In our place the system of "paalaga" is that the first-born belongs to the caretaker, the 2nd offspring to the owner, the 3rd goes to the caretaker again and so on.

angel said...

awww! too bad for us if that's the case. this is the first-born and he's too cute to let go.

Christine @ the Gardening Blog said...

Thats beautiful!! Cute, gorgeous, beautiful ... :)

angel said...

thank you christine :) thanks for stopping by! enjoy your day!


Bridget said...

How cute. Mama is lovely too. I love cows but unfortunately I am allergic to their milk.

angel said...

awww..thanks for visiting me bridget! have a nice milk-free day!


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