Sunday, July 17, 2011

lantana blooms

frustrated and furious by things not going according to my plan this morning,
i decided to vent out somewhere...
somewhere i can scream my lungs out and fill my my chest with some fresh air.

accompanied by my nephew as i didn't know the way, i grabbed my camera and went straight to the pasture.
on our way, we passed some wild bushes and some free-roaming animals along side the trail.
we arrived there after a few minutes under the midday sun which seemed to be having a bad day too as i can feel it on my skin, it was as angry as i am.
"great," i told myself, "just great," but at least it's windy today.

i took some shots, enjoyed the view, cleared my mind, chased some butterflies and dragonflies, and listened to stories of my nephew about his school and his playmates, trying to get my mind focused on something else.
it seemed to worked as my angry meter going down a bit and we decided to go back home because it was lunch time too.
my nephew picked some of these dainty multicolored flowers on our way back.
and gave them to me..i should say, the kid  really knows my weakness.
it just melted my heart and the cloud above my head disappeared, replaced by rainbows like these lantana blooms he gave me.

so, what can make my bad mood go away better than flowers?
flowers given by the sweetest kid i've known.
thanks jacob! (^____^)


Sunray Gardens said...

Those are some beautiful blooms. Your nephew sounds like a real sweetie.
Cher Sunray Gardens

angel said...

thanks for stopping by sunray :) happy gardening!

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