Saturday, July 16, 2011

hello world!

a few days ago, the day when the sky was clear after days of continuous heavy rains (see my post here), i was giddy sowing different seeds from YATES i got from our local supermarket.
most of these seeds, i haven't had experience growing (except for zinnia and sunflower).

full of hope, i carefully placed the tiny seeds in the tray (recycled ice cream container from our kind neighbor), covered them with plastic wrap, soaked the bottom of the trays in water for a few seconds, and checked them every day to make sure the soil is moist and they get enough heat from the morning sun.

after a few sunrises, these are what i got (^_^)
 the little seeds have awakened from their sleep...saying hello world!
my zinnias in different colors (orange, pink, purple, and green envy)
a little leggy but doing fine
trying to open their dainty leaves 
english daisy
getting a little bit of sunshine
 livingstone daisy
a bit crowded but still happy
reaching for the sun and speaking of sun...
here's my sunflower still a little sleepy.

too bad the pansy, larkspur, dill, and impatiens haven't germinated yet.
but for now, i am delighted by this little miracle in front of me.
i am grateful for these simple joys that put a big smile on my face.


Sunray Gardens said...

All your new starts look great. I do a little winter sowing and am always happy when I see those first ones starting.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Anonymous said...

I grow a lot from seed also on my farm. Looks good. I am following now if you'd like to follow back.

angel said...

@ sunray gardens...amazing isn't it? how they start from those teeny tiny dots then become these gorgeous flowers that we love? happy gardening and thanks for stopping by!

angel said...

thanks craig. i appreciate that. i believe that there's much satisfaction growing plants from seeds than buying them as seedlings, and much cheaper too. it would be my pleasure to follow you. again, thanks and have a great day!

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